Postern Tower West Wall Sponsors Book

The table below lists the Sponsors and optional messages for all sold stones on the Tower West wall. The list is correct as of 02:14pm March 5, 2024. Friends of York Walls would like to thank each and every one of you for your donation and support towards the goal of restoring the Postern Tower. Return to Sponsor a Stone page.

Stone Ref Wall Sponsor Message
01AWestAnn JohnsonIn memory of a much loved father, Dick Johnson
01BWestLucy BeanI love you with all my heart. My 3 babes Annabel, Harry and Charlie Bean. Mum x
01CWestBeryl ErridgeFor a dear friend Beryl Erridge - "May She Rest In Peace"
01DWestMrs Rita Wood
01EWestYork Free Fencers GuildIn honour of the bold Citizens of York who manned these Walls and guarded these Gates in times past
01FWestJon KennedyThis stone is dedicated to my grandson Patrick Leam Kennedy. 11 June 2012
01GWestGeoff SugdenFrom a York boy resident in the Isle of Man
01HWestMrs Sue GarnettGrateful Thanks. Of happy memories Ann, John, Trevor, Sue, Christine.
01JWestRichard Stroughair
01KWestAngela & William MacKinnonDedicated to our beautiful grandaughters, Kyra & Alisha, love from Nanna & Grandpa MacKinnon.
01LWestAnna Mieke JacksonTo a very special mum. Thank you for everything and hope I win the prize for the most unusual birthday present! Love Danielle x
01MWestTom MillardIn loving memory of Mary, Margaret Millard who passed away on 5th December 2011, her very favourite place was York.
01NWestKevin SchofieldTo Dad, A very Happy Birthday to you!!! Now you truly are a part of York Lots of Love Gemma xxxxxxxxxx
01PWestThe MallowsA wonderful tour round - inspirational.
01QWestVince McFarlandSponsored for my wonderful children Christopher and Sarah
02AWestStayin LtdStayin Ltd are very pleased to sponsor this Tower Stone -
02BWestLucy BeanA piece of history dedicated to my Mum and Dad. God bless Beans x
02CWestMarguerite Pauline Chapman
02DWestMrs Kathleen SkellandIn loving memory of a dear husband and beloved father & grandfather David Skelland 1947-2011 XXXX
02EWestRobert KellyFor my beloved home city of York, my family, past, present and future.
02FWestMieke and Tony JacksonHappy 30th Birthday 27th November 2016, to our lovely son Mark Jonathan Jackson, born in York,and part of its history. With love, Mum and Dad XXX
02GWestMieke and Tony JacksonTo our precious Grandson Jacob Mark Taylor, with all our love on your First Christmas 2016. XXXX
02HWestBrenda MilnerTo relatives who lived in this area.
02JWestMaureen GreenRemembering our mum and dad Sheila and Les Green who spent most of their married life in York - not far from the Postern
02KWestA L Hulme
02LWestDanielle & SimonCongratulations Danielle & Simon on your wedding 11 Oct. 2014 Love living in York from Anna Mieke & Tony.
02MWestRobert KellyFor my beloved home city of York, my family, past, present and future.
02NWestRobert KellyFor my beloved home city of York, my family, past, present and future.
02PWestThe Holt FamilyIn Remembrance of Bernard Holt. A fantastic husband, dad and uncle. On Father's Day 2016
02QWestThe Holt FamilyFor Mum to look over York with Dad. Lots of love, from the whole family far and wide. xx
02RWestPaul Sanderson
03AWestHoward Alan HodgsonIn Memory of Beryl Erridge ( Sponsored Stone 01C )
03DWestHugo BentleyIn memory of Elizabeth Jewitt
03FWestMary FraserTo celebrate becoming 60 and retiring - June 2012 - and the great times we have had in York.
03HWestLouise Wheatley
03JWestMrs M TaylorTo remember my brother Geoffrey Vincent Brannan 1932-2010. York born & bred. Apprentice at Hunter Smallpage, cabinet maker. Latterly a York fire officer.
03KWestChristine TaylorA great view for master York roofer Tony Taylor (1934-1997). From all his family. "Look Around"
03LWestLaura Elizabeth HarrisIn memory of a dear daughter and sister
03MWestJohn PrattTo my former colleagues in the Glass Works.
03QWestPhilip and Susan WardHappy Ruby Wedding Anniversary Lots of Love Helen and Andrew xxxx
04AWestJames Fox
04LWestCalvert PriceFor our grandfather, William Thomas Price, RAMC and YLI who was disabled in the Great War and died afterwards in Dover as a result of those injuries.
05CWestMr Robert CockayneCongratulations Mr Robert Cockayne. You now sponsor a two thousand year Roman stone. All the very best on your birthday. Love and best wishes Uncle Chris x
05HWestJohn FosterHappy Birthday John, Love Angela
06AWestDavid SimpsonFor Janet Simpson who died on 8th February 2009 and is greatly missed.
06GWestMrs A.C. WaiteIn loving memory of Dr David Waite 1947 - 2010
06JWestRose BerlFor Jana in Amsterdam and York
06KWestKatrina Knowles
06MWestFrank & Dawn MooreIn loving memory of Bruce Moore-BT4/BN3(22/2/1949-1/5/2009)-a special brother,uncle,friend and fan of the wall.
07AWestRichard CubittTo help maintain a tower which has 500 years of incredible history.
07CWestJayne & Karl Watson
07GWestJanet RobinsonTo Geoff and Teresa Green, Remembering a York City Volunteer Guide and a Mystery Plays stalwart.
07HWestRobert HallIn memory of Edna who nearly made 101 years old.
07JWestJust Travel (York) Ltd
07RWestMadge Tate
08DWestGeorge AtkinsonAwarded to the "Under 16s" winner of the 2017 FOYW Photography Competition
08EWestChris RobinsonAwarded to the "Amateur" winner of the 2017 FOYW Photography Competition
08FWestLewis OutingAwarded to the "Enthusiast" winner of the 2017 FOYW Photography Competition
08PWestMs Pickard'Thank you all who work to look after our walls'.
08QWestRobert AndertonFor Bob. Here's to restoring more of York's ancient beauty! Love Caroline
09BWestGlyn & Jenny Sunman
09CWestGlyn & Jenny Sunman
09DWestGlyn & Jenny Sunman
09KWestKaren Suarez ArroyoUn pedacito de Inglaterra.
09MWestJimmy & Betty FindlayJimmy & Betty Findlay, Diamond Anniversary, 16th September 2012
10DWestSarah & Tony Cooper-SmithIn celebration of Sarah & Tony's 10th Wedding Anniversary on 22nd May 2020.
10MWestMike & Barbara NicholasKeeping up UK's best City !
10NWestNadja FitchhornFor my love of York
10PWestMr & Mrs Barbara & John PettittTo Grandchildren Emma, Marc & Robbie in York + Dylan & Jack in Sydney, Australia + Great Grandchildren Caitlin, Elsie & Maddie. We love you all.
10QWestSandra & Alan FlemingTo Oliver born 22nd September 2011 Love Grandma & Grandad
10SWestMillie Grace FlemingTo Millie Grace Fleming, born 12th September 2014. With love from Grandma & Grandad x x
10UWestNick Stamp
11AWestAnne & Paul BaylissAnne & Paul Bayliss
11BWestYork Incident Light GroupThank You - to York Incident Light photography group who have made a Donation to The Friends of York Walls and the restoration of Fishergate Postern Tower
11DWestAnn BrownBorn in York - moved away for 24 years - now back in York, thank goodness!
11EWestAnne & Paul BaylissAnne & Paul Bayliss
11FWestRoy LittleFor Dad/Grandpa, with all our love from Neckarsteinach, Natalie, Helen, Anna and Jon
11GWestBeryl & Michael Bailey
11HWestJ & C DowellTo our grandchildren a piece of Yorks heritage
11JWestKatey WalkerRamshambles, The Wool Shop
11KWestKatey WalkerIn memory of Maurice Walker, my beloved uncle, happy memories in this special city
11LWestKatey Walker"In memory of my Nana & Grandad, Harry & Eileen Collier. Fond memories of childhood visits to York"
11MWestDave Meldrum
11PWestFrederick FurneauxWelcome to York! A new life.
11QWestAnne & Paul BaylissAnne & Paul Bayliss
11RWestAnne & Paul BaylissAnne & Paul Bayliss
11SWestAnne & Paul BaylissAnne & Paul Bayliss
11TWestThomas WilsonFor Thomas, my Father who loved history and York
11UWestAnne & Paul BaylissAnne & Paul Bayliss
12AWestNeil RobinsonA stone that holds a thousand tales, one of which is ours. I love you Rachel xxx
12DWestDavid Lamb
12EWestDennis & Tracy CarrIn memory of Robert Carr: Loving husband to Valerie Carr and a great dad for Dennis and Janice, Robert sadly passed away on 5/5/23.
12FWestMatrin & Joanne HalliwellOur first grandchild Fiona, born September 2012
12MWestDavid Payne & Helen Payne
12NWestRebecca MerrillFor my wonderful wife Becky. Looking forward to many happy years in our new home of York.
12PWestJane BakerTo mark a special date 25th June 2020
12RWestCaron TustinIn memory of Richard Tustin, always loved, never forgotten. 1966-2014
12SWestJulie GuiverFor Jules - With your passion for history and special connection with York, this gift celebrates your 60th birthday. With Love xxxx
13AWestAnne & Paul BaylissAnne & Paul Bayliss
13BWestAnne & Paul BaylissAnne & Paul Bayliss
13DWestWendy Garbutt
13EWestDavid Lamb & Wendy Garbutt
13JWestAnthony John NealIn memory of my loving wife Jenny, who visited the Tower in 2013, and sadly passed away 24th August 2013.
13LWestCaptain John & Mrs Dulcie LewisIn celebration of many years of happiness in York.
13MWestAnne & Paul BaylissAnne & Paul Bayliss
13QWestJane BakerTo mark a special date 25th June 2020
13TWestTerry Knowles
14AWestMaureen Mary Smith nee ScottFreeman of this City
14PWestDenise Mary IrvingIn loving memory of my dad, Peter William Irving.
14QWestMr & Mrs OdachowskiDistant friends
14RWestMr & Mrs BellamyFor our family & friends
14VWestValerie LittleFor 44 years of happy marriage
15AWestMartin RobinsonHappy Birthday Antje!
15GWestKen Bowser
15HWestHelen Balawajder
15JWestJohn BourneStill here - nearly as old as the walls!
15KWestDavid Harry MeekHappy memories of times spent with my grandad, ex PC Harry Harrison, who lived in the area.
15NWestJames Wheatley
15SWestMr G.S. Downs, M.A.To Mr G.S. Downs, M.A. 1933-2013. Guide and Benefactor of The City of York.
16AWestDavid LaneTo Bethany, because I love her.
16FWestPhilip & Heather RichardsonA pleasure to be involved
16GWestAndy DawsonKentmere House Gallery. 53, Scarcroft Road, York.
17LWestLucy McCormick
18AWestJoyce Lockwood
18BWestTim BurrowsDedicated to our brother Tim on his eighteenth birthday, 23rd January 2015 From Richard, Hannah and Rachel
18DWestMorgan & Myles
18JWestVintage Friendship GroupWishing The Friends of York Walls all the best for the future.
18KWestMonica NelsonWhen you enjoy walking on the walls give thanks to those who help to preserve them.
18LWestLinda Sykes
18MWestBobbie & Peter MoisleyTo our great grandson Brandon.
19JWestJoc and JumTo mark a special date, 6th July 2019
20AWestPresented to the Dean of YorkPresented to the Dean of York on the occasion of the 200th stone. 9th July 2013.
20BWestRichard Lane
20CWestThe Group of EightFriends and fellowship from the gang of eight
20DWestAngela BurlinsonFor the upkeep of one of York's greatest assets.
20EWestTony & Sue Mosley
20FWestKathy CarrTo the friends of the Nurses League
20GWestYork Liberal DemocratsBecome a member at
20HWestRichard NobleIn recognition of Philip Noble a lover of Yorks historical buildings
20JWestPresented to Chris Boxall & FamilyWith gratitude to Chris Boxall & family for their kindness & help to FoYW at Toft's Fair 2012
20KWestMrs. Ghada'Look after the walls when you grow up'
20QWestIan TempestGood Luck to the Friends
21FWestFrancis & Margaret Newton
21GWestPrudence Bebb
21HWestHelen Wren
21JWestJulian CrabbA most worthy project.
21KWestJoe CallanWill be wonderful to see this tower restored
21UWestJune TriplandTo the grandchildren - Lucy, George, Jessica, Ton & Imogen.
22AWestDonald Frazer Dewar. MATU NE CEDE MALIS SED
22BWestTooze FamilyAlways lived in York.
22JWestJune Hilary TaylorTo celebrate 80 years
22KWestKenneth TaylorA true York man who loved this noble City.
22LWestLowri BeresfordLots of good friends and great memories made during my time at the University of York
22MWestMichael SkaifeTo honour the day of our marriage. Love always Carolyn x
22NWestJohn NormanIn memory of Janet Buckley
23AWestAlexander FraserIn Loving Memory of a dear husband, father and grandfather. He lived for those he loved and those he loved remember.
23BWestHelena RamliTo remember our York heritage
23CWestSandra CartwrightHillsden Family of York
23DWestSandra CartwrightIn loving memory of Don Cartwright
23EWestSandra CartwrightSo pleased to have been given the opportunity to "sponsor a stone" in order to help restore the Postern.
23FWestSir John & Lady Dorothy Lawton
23GWestBetty PageI dedicate this stone to Omar, my grandson.
23HWestSheila ArmstrongJust visited the Tower today 28th Jan 2012 and was very interested with its history that must be preserved.
23JWestLucy StaplesDedicated to Jack a lover of York's history
23KWestJudy LodgeDedicated to my grandchildren, Edward, Sofie and Freddie.
23LWestNathan ElliottI waz ere
23NWestNorma HustwickTo remember our York heritage, and our wonderful Nana Norma
23SWestMaggie SherwoodTo our grandchildren
24AWestMary MachenIn memory of my parents Clifford and Florence Machen
24CWestKaren Adams & Ann GosvenorIn Loving Memory of Lionel Frederick Adams, Very Much Missed
24DWestThe Davies Family
24FWestDavid LaneTo Georgia, because I love you.
24GWestLucy & Paul MackenzieTo Kristina, James and Tom, a little piece of York. With love from Mum and Dad xxx.
24LWestJack, Joss & Jess ShepherdsonFor my children: Jack, Joss and Jess
24MWestNatasha GuestDonated to James Henderson
24NWestRobert Stuart Simpson
24PWestMartin Bartlett
24RWestRussell HaughanYour own piece of history.
24TWestAyven Castiel Franky TarmeyHappy Birthday special Godson, Be blessed with many special gifts For many special years xx
25FWestColin CliftIn memory of Frank Clift, Stonemason
25JWestSarah JeevesTo Sarah, a little gift from us to a wonderful city. With my love, Paul.
25KWestThe Reverend Martin BaldockHelping to preserve Yorks heritage.
25LWestThe Right Honourable The Lord Mayor Keith HymanSupporting FYW to bring Fishergate Postern Tower into community use.
25MWestPresented to The Lord Mayor David Horton 2012First Stone - Presented to The Lord Mayor on 17th January 2012
25NWestStuart Robert Simpson
25SWestAnneliese and Mike Emmans DeanTo Marike and Benedikt Sandfort, Friends of York in our twin town Münster. Happy Silver Wedding Anniversary, June 2014! Love from Anneliese and Mike
25UWestJanette SlaterPaul, Janette, David and Daniel Slater
26AWestEdward CrowFor Karen my gorgeous wife. A place forever in our favourite city. All my love always. Ted xxx
26CWestNick CockayneTo Nick Cockayne - A Very Happy Birthday, always. This is your stone for life 26C. From your Uncle Chris xxx
26MWestThe Walker Lyne FamilyIn celebration of Chris' 65th birthday.
27AWestThomas FamilyOur stone is part of the garderobe!
27CWestChristopher Cockayne
27EWestDavid Lewis
27JWestAlan LoweyTo Jane who loves York (and me!).
27MWestMargaret Matthews
27PWestAlison ParkerOur love is invincible
27RWestJoan YatesIn memory of Edward (Queddy) Yates & Hilda Yates (nee Shaw) of Ferrybridge. Both fans of the Ebor Race Meeting.
28BWestAndrew FowlerEvery little helps!
28CWestMr Ian CockayneHappy Birthday From Chris All The Very Best Wishes To You.
28EWestMrs. Maureen FearnIn loving memory of Mark Eric Fearn who played in this area as a boy.
28MWestTom MillardIn loving memory of Mary, Margaret Millard who passed away on 5th December 2011, her very favourite place was York.
28SWestGwen SwinburnTo the Friends of York Walls who are doing a wonderful job.
28TWestRuth CozensRemembering Geoff and our walks on the walls.
29AWestIan and Christine SmithTo commemorate the wedding of Neil Smith to Katie Myers on 29 September 2012 at Newburgh Priory
29LWestStephen and Katrina
29PWestDonald OatesHappy 70th Birthday. Love Heidi
29QWestMrs Rita McGovernIn Loving Memory of Bruce Edward McGovern (1937 - 2007), who enjoyed many happy times in York.
29SWestPeter MoultonCongratulations, Sophie on your 19th birthday.
30AWestAlan & Carolyn MilneCarolyn and Alan - 30th Wedding Anniversary
30BWestThe Capsey familyI can see The Masons Arms from here !
30CWestThe Hornbys For all the Hornbys of York (and elsewhere) past, present and future.
30DWestLeslie BowesIn memory of Leslie Bowes who spent many happy years living with his family in York and working for British Rail, York
30EWestVera E. BowesLots of happy memories walking round the walls with my disabled daughter.
30FWestBetty BowesIn memory of Betty Bowes who spent her entire life in York.
30GWestW. T. MickleboroughFishergate Postern Tower brings lots of happy memories.
30HWestC. A. MickleboroughHappy memories of York with all the family.
30JWestDaphne DoranYork born and bred, the city of my heart.
30KWestDorothy ReedIn appreciation of York's wonderfull walls, their history & their supporters over many generations.
30LWestJoyce & Philip ClarkeCongratulations Stuart & Philippa Dykes on your Silver Wedding Anniversary, Mum & Dad
30MWestAmelie Grace WalkerFor our daughter Amelie, born 30 May 2012. With love from Mum & Dad.
30NWestJack Gregory WalkerFor our son Jack, born 3 October 2014. With love from Mum and Dad
30RWestGwen FeakesThe Feakes family York
30SWestJohn Braner
31AWestDianne CoxIn memory of my mother who loved York
31BWestDavid WrightFor Charlotte and Emilia
31EWestPaul Newstead"For Sarah Newstead, who loves York".
31GWestChristopher ReynoldsIn celebration of Stephen Reynolds's fifty-eighth birthday.
31HWestThe University of York Douglas Adams SocietyIn loving memory of James Jarvis M.A.
31JWestEricka & Angel De NoIn memory of Hazel Kee of York
31KWestFamily Of Eric & Jean ThomasMrs Hazel Kee, of York - 'In Memoriam'
31TWestC J May
32AWestSteve & Elva Almond"Celebrating the Christening of David Neil Almond, 23rd September 2012"
32BWestElva & Steve AlmondCelebrating the Christening of Rowland Nicholas Almond, 13th August 2017
32DWestDavid HammondHappy Birthday. Another year in York
32EWestNeill & SheilaNeill Clayton & Sheila Webb were married at the Old Deanery, Ripon on 7th September 2013. We wish them a long and happy life together! Love from the Clayton McClures of York.
32FWestRichard HanageBest wishes from Grace Hanage
32GWestRichard HanageBest wishes from Tom Hanage
32HWestRichard HanageBest wishes from Pat Hanage
32JWestRichard HanageBest wishes from Richard Hanage
32KWestMike RaceIn memory of my family members who, from 1870 to 1970, lived or worshipped close by here. Mike Race
32LWestCowl KeithHappy 65th Birthday from your cousins, Chris, Brian & Judy
32PWestOliva Macotela & Salvador ÁlvarezLas murallas también tienen amigos en México!
32RWestMartin Lomas
32SWestJoan Louise WynnIt takes a long time to grow young
33AWestPauline Fisher
33BWestOliver JosephTo Oliver, born 14th December 2011
33CWestLukas JonesLukas Jones. 30 Years Old. 21.06.2023
33DWestHarry DixonFor my dad who loved York and always said it was his favourite city.
33EWestLawrence and Conrad PinnHelping to preserve the history of a great city.
33HWestSheriff of York 2014, John KennyWelcome to our wonderful City of York
33JWestStephen Turnbull
33KWestSaskia & Sam Brewster"We want our grandchildren to see what we saw!" (we are 8 & 10 now)
33LWestMrs Sarah Lauder1st time in twenty years we have been in tower - wonderfull.
33PWestWilliam PhilipIn memory of King Richard III (1452-1485)
33QWestFlorence RoseFor our granddaughter on the occasion of her Christening - Nan and Bamp xx
33RWestMike & Lyn Bradshaw
34AWestJonathon Cowap
34BWestGrandpa Ged and Grandma EricaThank you Grandpa Ged and Grandma Erica for showing us beautiful buildings in beautiful places and for inspiring us to love history and architecture as you do. With all our love, Milly, Charlie, Bethy and Edward xxxx
34CWestMaggie SherwoodLoving memory Nev & Kath Carter who passed this way on way to St Georges.
34EWestTamsin WhiteheadA tiny part of York for a woman who loves this city.
34FWestWilfried SandfortIn loving memory of Wilfried Sandfort (1934 - 2020), a much-missed friend of York from our German twin town Münster. In our hearts always, Anneliese and Mike
34HWestBrian HaylockThanks to Chris & John Dowell for all their assistance
34JWestBrian HaylockTo Sarah & Adi thanks for everything.
34KWestPat Bone
34LWestJames & Hebe BarkerTo Tom & Adam from your daft grandad
34MWestJames H BarkerProud citizen of York
34NWestElizabeth Poppy HowsonD.O.B 18th June 2010
34PWestMichael Mark John MartinHappy 70th Birthday to a special Husband, Dad and Grandad. With love from Judy, Nikki, Gary, Toby & Elizabeth. xx
34QWestToby Oliver HowsonD.O.B 07th August 2007
35AWestDominic Carter
35BWestHolly Skidmore
35CWestStefan and Sarah BrownVisiting York as part of our 40th Birthday Celebrations 2020
35GWestA Haydn-EdwardsHappy Christmas & New Year
35NWestJames Hannan
35QWestRod & Margaret LeonardWe would like to recognise the pleasure we get from these ancient walls
35RWestLUCY PEELIn celebration of Lucy Peel's 18th birthday on 22nd October 2012.
35SWestKeith Myers"The Myers Family"
36AWestLiam Carter
36BWestLucy Skidmore
36CWestRoger & Lesley ForrestWe will always treasure our special times spent in York.
36DWestFelix and Arlo Clayton McClureTwo brothers born in York, who love the city walls and are often to be seen on them!
36HWestSally HawkswellIn memory of Joyce and Bryan Haylock, much loved and never forgotten.
36KWestClark: Garnett: MullanyMemories of Happy Times spent on the Walls
36PWestClaire PickardTo celebrate York's 800th Anniversary of its Charter
36QWestClaire + Kate
36RWestEva Elizabeth SmithTo Eva with Love from Grandma and Grandad
37AWestCharles HuntExcelsior
37BWestRosy Hunt'This city is an Engine great, Which makes my pleasure more compleat.' - Traherne
37CWestChristopher StrideOur airectional beacon, affording us your reflected sunshine and the pleasure of our view of you.
37GWestCarolyn SkaifeTo of lived in York, To of loved in York, And to always be a part of York I am honoured
37HWestNeil CrozierA Friendship set in Stone
37KWestSimon Hugh DaubeneyIn memory of John and Kathleen Daubeney
37MWestJudy HardyIn rememberance of my parents, Vera & Joe Treasure
37UWestColin AtkinsonTo my wife Angela and daughter Kathryn.
37VWestStuart StocktonHappy 50th Birthday
40BWestWin & Eric ThomasIn Loving Memory of my dear grandparents
40CWestSimon DavisFor Maureen, in memory of walks around the walls 1977-80
40FWestSandra & Alan FlemingTo celebrate our 40th Wedding Anniversary on 29th April 2012
40GWestHelen BarberLong may the Barber family be able to come and enjoy the beauty and history of York.
40HWestSally HawkswellLet us hope the next 800 years democracy will actually work and MP's will listen.
40NWestJean Margaret ClarkTo my beautiful grandchildren Emily, Sam, Charlie and Alexander Clark. I will love and watch over you for ever. Love Nannie.
40QWestJessica Harriet Grace OxleyMay your future be filled with things to smile about. With our love, your Godparents Jenny and Alastair Mace
40SWestTristan and Henry MaceYou give us so much joy. With love, your parents Jenny and Alastair
41AWestNana ZhengIn memory of the East Meets West concert on 14 Jan, 2013. Sincere thanks are due to all the performers and individuals who kindly offered help, and audiences as well.
41GWestDavid Goodall
41MWestElizabeth MorrellLawrence Braithwaite Morrell 4/2/1905 - 5/11/1971. Ethel Helen Morrell (Nee Findlay) 18/7/1914 - 14/7/2008. John Lawrence Morrell 15/05/1944 - 6/2/2005
41NWestElizabeth MorrellIn loving memory of family & home at 41 Elmwood Street, Fishergate.
42DWestDenise Goodall
42HWestHenry Brian CookIn memory of Henry Brian Cook, a much loved Dad.
42QWestMrs Beryl MaxwellTo preserve history.
43GWestKate & Steve CrispTo the family of: Caplin, Pearson & O'Malley
43HWestRachel SemlyenFor the Semlyen family in a great City.
43NWestJohn Neale
43PWestJohn NealeJade Neale
43QWestJohn NealeHeather Neale
43RWestZoe Banks
44AWestLinda CowlSupporting the history of York and family
44DWestJohn NealeLauren Neale
44EWestSam ShipmanNot another brick in the wall... love Sue, Abigail and Emily Jane
44FWestFiona LawsonLoved and never forgotten, you will forever be in my heart. x
44HWestJohn NealeJohn Neale
44JWestMills FamilyIn Loving Memory Of Joan Mills 24/8/1926 - 12/6/2012
44MWestJan RavenTo our friend, Mr. E Hunter, Welburn.
44NWestJulie and Tim MuskOn our Wedding Anniversary
45AWestMiss Jean McKenzieHappy birthday to mum, who loved living and teaching in York from 1985 - 1996. Kate xx
45BWestNeil WardThe Ward Family
45CWestPatricias Palmer & PrydeOur favourite meeting place
45DWestSam ShipmanOlder and possibly wiser - 5.4.82
45EWestJannie & Jake MeadOde to the Garderobe. The lady shat, the fish grew fat, now the lady's thin as a brand new pin.
45FWestJacqueline Ann HobbsFor your Birthday, 10th June, Love Chris x
45GWestMargaret HullisFor being a part of Margaret, Margaret is now a part of the Tower.
45HWestHerdis EngelsHerdis Engels - an adopted stone for an adopted Yorkie!
45JWestLindsay ClarkeTo Evelyn, with lots of love Mummy and Daddy
45KWestDedicated to HM Queen Elizabeth II on 5.04.2012To commemorate the visit to York by HM Queen Elizabeth II 5.04.2012
45LWestLindsay ClarkeTo Nancy, with lots of love from Mummy and Daddy
45MWestIsabella WortleyIn Tribute to Mum Isabella Wortley who lived at 6 Ancroft St, knocked down by a car here Christmas Eve 1927 the day after her 12th birthday. Running an errand for her Mother. Fortunately survived until 29th Feb 2012.